The KLM Pearl Of Papua
The KLM Pearl of Papua is one of Indonesia’s newest and fantastic value for money liveaboard vessels. Built in 2010 with safety, practicality and comfort in mind, the Pearl of Papua aims to be your sanctuary at sea with its cozy cabins and en-suite bathrooms, on board pampering, delicious and hearty meals, and overall spirit of adventure. Crafted by the highly respected and renowned boat builders of Tanah Beru in South Sulawesi, our beautiful wooden Phinisi schooner is fitted with the latest marine technology and equipment that meet with international (ISM CODE) safety standards. Specifically designed for liveaboard diving cruises, and adventure touring, the Pearl of Papua provides a huge dedicated dive-deck with gear-up stations assigned for each diver throughout the cruise.¬† Our on-board guides are ready to escort you either underwater or trekking, miles beyond boundries.
The KLM Pearl of Papua is our dedicated vessel for all scheduled cruises in RAJA AMPAT,CENDERAWASIH and HALMAHERA.
Indonesian ‘Bugis Prahus’, commonly known as Pinisi, are made from locally-grown timber (Ironwood & Teak amongst others) according to a tradition that dates back to long before Portuguese colonists reached the area. The classic beauty of the KLM Pearl of Papua combines this traditional craftsmanship with modern conveniences, providing our guests with luxurious comfort even in the remotest waters of Indonesia.
Kapal telah secara khusus dibangun dan dipasang kembali untuk disesuaikan dengan ekspedisi selam scuba diving & petualangan jarak jauh serta fotografi bawah air. Kapal adalah salah satu yang tercepat dengan kecepatan jelajah 7-9 knot untuk memastikan perjalanan cepat antar lokasi.